Have you ever noticed that guys and girls have a different idea of what is attractive?

Guys’ opinions of guys:

The few times when a (straight) guy will mention that Guy B is attractive, Guy B always looks like an Abercrombie & Fitch model.

I don’t know if guys think that the All-American, super-buff, blue-eyed guy is attractive because they see those images in ads so they assume that that is what women want or if they think those guys are attractive because that is how they secretly want to look themselves.

Guys would benefit from believing that women have lots of types–you don’t have to be really ripped, over 6 feet tall, or have American* looks.  All women aren’t looking for that.  But, of course, that doesn’t mean women don’t want someone attractive.  It just means “attractive” does not mean what guys apparently think it means.  And as we all know, confidence is key.  Not too much of it for me, but for some girls, they love the pretentious assholes.

*this is what I am calling a certain genre of facial appearance, exemplified in the first picture below.

Guys’ opinions of girls:

I can’t sum this one up as easily.  One thing I can say for sure is that guys are not as particular about certain features as girls are about themselves.  Guys never seem to notice if a girl’s stomach isn’t flat and as long as boobs are within an acceptable range, guys aren’t too picky.

One thing most guys seem to be into is long hair, and I really don’t get that one.  When I was going to cut my hair really short all my guy friends except my boyfriend begged me not too because they liked my long hair.  Looking back, the new length was a little too short, but the point is, the guys had no idea how it would look, they just wanted me to keep my long hair.

Unfortunately, guys do seem to have a weakness for blondes.  When a girl is blonde, the rest of her goes blurry and they just assume she’s attractive.  When talking to friends who have been both blonde and brunette, they say they get more attention from men when blonde, even though clearly nothing else about them has changed.  I do know guys who are specifically into brunettes, and thank God for them because all the “ethnic” girls in America would be screwed if there weren’t at least some guys who ignored blondes.

As long as a girl isn’t too skinny or too fat, she’s good to go.  The face, personality, and confidence become the determining factors.

Girls’ opinions of guys:

Addressed this earlier.

Girls’ opinions of girls:

As far as I can tell, girls seem to have a wider range of what they consider “beautiful.”  Guys’ definitions generally rule out women with uncommon features.  It’s hard for me to pinpoint this, but there are some girls whom all girls think are gorgeous but the guys just don’t see it.  And there are some girls whom all guys think are hot but the rest of us girls think the girl looks just like every other pretty girl.

Maybe as girls we are looking for an individuality that still fits into our constructed constraints of beautiful.  A unique but still attractive person is all the more attractive.  And an attractive person who looks like other attractive people stands out less.  But to guys, she’s exactly what they’re looking for.  Maybe.

As far as the body goes, girls have very stringent beauty regulations.  We would still call a girl pretty because of her face and personality but we wouldn’t credit her a good body to go with it if she had cankles and a muffin-top.

Ladies, we all have those friends who aren’t very attractive but get attention from guys all the time!  How do they do it?  Is it purely confidence?  Is it sassiness?  Is it a nurturing disposition?  Are they just always putting out the “come and get me” vibe and the rest of us are prudes?


The first two pictures fit guys’ concept of beauty, while the second two fit girls’ concept of beauty.


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  1. Jon

    I think that Rahida Jones looks better than Scarlett, at least in this picture. Guys and girls definitely have different criteria for judging women, but I think you’re over-estimating how much blonde hair matters. Or maybe I’m atypical.
    My theory: when judging a woman’s attractiveness, women place relatively greater weight on the face, while men place relatively greater weight on the body. Also, when it comes to just faces, women take more points off for harsh features.

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