Interesting People

We all have our quirks and one of mine is that I have immediate and consuming curiosity in people whom I realize are “interesting.”

“Interesting” is in quotes because it’s very subjective and does not follow any formula.  Yet once I find it, I only want to get to know the person better and simulatneously I feel boring and unimportant in comparison.  It is possible that this could be considered an unhealthy habit.

Let me put my words in context.  I met Michael who is a Engineering major.  Not interesting.  Then I find out Michael has spent the past 3 summers in Nicaragua volunteering at a health clinic.  Interesting.  Then I find out Michael is actually a Republican.  Interesting.  Then I find out Michael has a SCUBA license.  Interesting.  Then I find out Michael lets his sister paint his room a different color every year.  Interesting.

Do you see how this works?

These traits are not in and of themselves remarkable, but to think that one person could exhibit all of these things makes me think twice about that person.  It is so surprising, so seemingly contradictory, so…refreshing?  How fascinating that one person could be all of these things!  And how mundane I am in comparison.  And how much I want you to reveal all your secrets to me!

The solution is simple: I’ll just have to continue doing things to make myself interesting.  Not at the cost of my happiness, of course, but purusing something that’s always caught my eye.  No one could fault me for that, could they?interesting


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