¡Viva España!

Can I feel my Spanish getting better?

Not exactly sure. Some days I think I am doing great and then I try to talk to someone and I have no idea what the hell they’re saying. Similar to the UK, there are many regional dialects and I can tell when I meet someone who’s not from around here. I’ve been told that here in Castilla y León they speak the best Spanish, which makes sense since Spanish (Castellano) comes from this area.

I have been building my vocabulary at least, so the verdict is: progress.

I don’t get paid until the end of the month here, which means that I’m living off my savings until sometime in early November. Unfortunately that means very little traveling until then, too. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have the expenses of moving into a new apartment—first and last month’s rent, plus half of September, and all the stuff I have to buy that I didn’t bring with me.

Anyway, STILL haven´t started teaching yet.  This school can´t get its shit together and cannot come up with a schedule for us.  So every day we come to the school and every day we leave 30 minutes later having made no progress.

Our rent is super cheap compared to the US, probably just because I´m used to city rent and this is the rent in a town of 40,000….we pay 550€ for a 3 bedroom furnished place.  That means that with utilities the rent will NEVER even reach $400 a person!!  The poor auxiliares in Madrid are paying double that, and we barely make $1000 per month.

Anyway, not much else has happened yet, but more updates to follow when we finally install internet in the apartment…


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  1. Ilya

    say “vale” and “venga” a lot and you will sound like a spaniard in no time!

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