Still no Internet yet!!!

…but hopefully this week!  Right now I am using an unsecured wireless network that Jenn managed to connect to.

A few observations:

  • A grandma, holding her 2 year old grandson’s penis, assisting him to pee onto the hubcap of a parked car.
  • The art of using a handheld electric blender to puree foods into a monochrome mush.

Imagine a stew brewing on the stove, cooked just for you.  Inside the pot are carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, squash, and onions.  Of course, some of these vegetables you dislike, as you are a very picky eater.  Intending to eat only the vegetables you do like, and therefore not displease the person who has been cooking for you, imagine your horror when you hear a horrific whirring noise coming from the kitchen.  Running as fast as you can to stop the madness, you find that you are tragically too late; inside the pot the now-obliterated ingredients have become one massive, liquid vegetable, orange in color.mush

You swallow your pride (and along with it your taste buds) and consume an enormous bowl of ocherous goo, insisting that it really is bueno.  Alongside your bowl is a plate of cold, oily, bony, unsavory fish, also prepared especially for you.much grosser than this

I know I’m no chef, but me and my turkey sandwich were doing just fine without the authentic Spanish cuisine.

Anyway, sorry it’s been so long since I posted, but for one thing I haven’t done anything exciting, and for another thing I usually don’t get access to a computer with Internet.

Last week Jenn and I opened a Spanish bank account so the government could pay us, filed our temporary residency papers, and moved into an apartment all in the first 4 days we were here!  And now, 2 weeks later, we still have no teaching schedule!

We have started to attend the bilingual classes, and to my surprise, 12 year olds are still cute and relatively well-behaved.  Maybe I’ll become a teacher instead!  Or maybe not…I don’t think I could handle all the disappointment that comes with it.  But anyway, we still don’t have any type of permanent schedule, since they still haven’t decided when we will be going to the elementary schools and which high school English classes we will attend!  It’s really not that hard.  I just don’t think anyone is actually doing anything about it.  So fine, government.  Pay us 700€ to only work 3 hours a week.  Works for me.

As for travel, I am really eager to get the ball rolling on that one, but I have to wait a month or two to see what the cost of living is here.  Miranda is pretty small and everything is closed on the weekends.  Which means that my time would be better spent exploring the rest of Spain.  9 months is a long time, but it will be hard to make it to all the places I want to go to.

This Wednesday we have an orientation in Madrid.  It will be good to meet the other auxiliares and hopefully make travel buddies with them.  I also have an excuse to get out of Miranda and explore Madrid!

Any suggestions on foreign countries to travel to?  Right now on my list are Morocco, France (never been there), and Turkey.  Any countries one wouldn’t think to travel to but are well worth the trip?  Let me know, please!

As for me, I am currently in the room of my roommate, Isabel, the only room where I can get an Internet connection.  And she is about to turn in for the night, so it’s buenas noches for me.  Thanks for reading!


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  1. Sara Chertoff

    i LOVE hand-blenders! they are really nifty when you only have a pathetic amount of food in the house (including veggies on their way out of freshness-land) and you want to cook up “dinner” in the form of a new interesting soup!
    Also, Morocco is stunning, and as long as you’re in the area you’re more than welcome to pop into the holy land for a visit!

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