hell to the no

self-explanatoryI opened our mailbox today to find a letter from Telefonica saying that we should call them because we missed our internet installation.

But someone was home all day.

Which means that someone came inside our apartment building to deliver the letter but didn’t actually buzz up to our apartment.

When Isa called, the internet man told her he is only in Miranda once a week.

So now we have to wait another week to get our internet installed.

When I found that out, I think I used the word “fuck” about 10 different times in all of its greatest forms.  FUCKING FUCK!  That’s fuck!  What the fuck! One fucking more week! TeleFUCKica (wasn’t actually clever enough in the moment to use this one)!

you get the picture.

So, still no skyping until next week (if then).


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One response to “hell to the no

  1. sarah

    BAHAHAHAHAH i’m still laughing out loud after reading this. but i feel your pain bro :/

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