Ariela’s top 10 Spanish trends

10.  Not saying “please” and “thank you.”

9.   Talking on your cell phone for extended amounts of time in front of other people.

8.   Disregarding a line (queue) that has formed.

7.   Dressing alternative/punk.  No preppies in sight under the age of 50.  They love things studded, black, skinny jeans of every color, and identical ankle boots.  They also like skateboarding wear.

6.  LOVING your niece and nephew.  Everyone I know who is childless can’t stop talking about his nephew.

5.   Not knowing Spanish history.

4.  Storing music on your cell phone and then PLAYING THE MUSIC OUT LOUD without considering that other people might not want to listen to your music.

3.  All stores sell the same shoes.  I’ve been looking for a new pair of shoes and have been unable to find one because EVERY store carries the exact same items.

2.  All-weather strollers.  Raining outside? Just don your stroller with a zip-up plastic wrapper.  Cold out?  Snuggle your toddler into a nice mummy-style sleeping bag.

1.  Starting to date someone between ages 18 and 22 and staying with that person for 6 or more years without getting married or making plans to get married.



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2 responses to “Ariela’s top 10 Spanish trends

  1. Ilya

    pretty accurate, i’d say!

  2. Sara Chertoff

    sounds like israel.. especially the, oh wait, that entire list! basically its a symptom of euro-trash…

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