Update to the top 10 Spanish trends

I realized that my list from before focused more on the aspects of Spanish culture that I’m not too fond of and didn’t name enough admirable qualities.  I’ve come up with this list to make up for that.

  • Hardly ever has anyone, including the kids, made fun of my Spanish.  I make mistakes all the time but people listen politely and get the best understanding they can from what I say.
  • People feel compelled to be outside in the street.  Especially on a weekend, from 7 PM onward, people of all ages are outside mostly just talking.  Maybe they buy a beer and maybe they shop, but regardless they’re spending their time with friends and family in public.
  • Women don’t wear very much makeup.
  • Old people have very active social lives.
  • They value family more than almost anything.  We could use a little more of that in the U.S.

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