me gusty science

Yesterday Bilingual Science teacher Carlos was showing me a computer program that simulates the Earth’s revolution around the sun.

In watching the Earth go round and round, it unnerved me that the Earth also rotates so quickly on its own axis that you can’t focus on how a particular part of the world receives its sunlight.

The following is the verbal exchange between Carlos and me, after several minutes of my being frustrated with this particular flaw:

Me: “I wish it would spin slower.”

Carlos: “It has to spin that fast so that it spins 364 times in one revolution around the sun.”

Me: “Ahh so it’s really accurate.” And then, “It doesn’t feel like we’re going that fast.”

Carlos: “Ahh but we are.  Just ask Galileo.”

I just found his response so hilarious cause it’s the nerdiest answer I could have gotten and yet I really appreciated the nerdy reference.  Had to share it with all my faithful readers.


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