I think this is a good sign

I just awoke from the first dream I’ve had in which I was a mother.

Maybe I’ve had kids in other dreams, but this dream was centered around myself and my child.

In the beginning I was pregnant, and then it skipped right through labor/delivery, and POOF the nurses were putting the baby in my arms.

This baby of mine had shoulder-length, blonde curly hair, an absolutely adorable face, and could already walk. (Clearly I had given birth to a 1 year-old.)

She never cried, always had a big smile, her eyes were always exploring, and as soon as you put her down anywhere, she was off somewhere else.

Twice in the dream she scared me by running off and it took me and her father a long time to find her.

I think this is all a good sign because I’ve had a fear that I wouldn’t make a good mother, that having children isn’t worth the trouble, and I’ve always wondered how a a parent’s love for a child just exists without pretense.  But in the dream all those fears weren’t there.

So the big question I’m sure you’re all wondering is: Who was the father??????



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2 responses to “I think this is a good sign

  1. Jack

    yeah who was the father?

  2. Yeah, who was the father???

    That is a really interesting dream, though. Definitely a very hopeful, optimistic one! 🙂

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