Cut it off, James!

umm hold up, why is no one talking about James Cameron’s hairstyle?

These Golden Globes pictures are nastay! What kind of look is he going for here?  The hair-piece look?

It’s safe to say that even a toupee would look better than his actual hair.

I know I sound like a total snob but spray some volumizer in that shat!  Or, the option I support: CUT it!

I mean, Jimmy here looks like me in the 7th grade when I played Oliver in the school play!

One limp-haired gender bender per decade, thank you.



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2 responses to “Cut it off, James!

  1. Shara

    hahah maybe a George Washington look? let’s skype sometime to figure out when it’s best that you come and visit! Xo

  2. ok, that was hilarious.

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