I was SUPER SPANISH this weekend!

First of all, I went to Valladolid, the capital of Castilla y León and the birthplace of the Spanish language→SUPER SPANISH!

Second of all, I went out with a group of Spanish people.  We left at 10 PM and came home at 5:30 AM→SUPER SPANISH!

In that time, we went to 6 or 7 different bars→SUPER SPANISH!

I got aggressively bumped and bounced around quite a bit by people who were pushing their way through the crowd→SUPER SPANISH!

I spoke in Spanish all night→SUPER SPANISH!

The night involved a lot of waiting around on the street while people stood around and talked and invaded each other’s personal space and no one took the initiative to walk into a bar→SUPER SPANISH!


A song came on in the bar and I knew all the lyrics by heart.  For those of you who were in Dr. Esmahan’s 9th grade Spanish class, the song was A Quién Le Importa.  That’s right, Alaska y Dinaramas. I was rockin’ out, singing along with the entire bar that was also going NUTS, and with my Spanish good looks I completely fit in.

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One response to “SUPER SPANISH!

  1. llya

    A mi me suena como una noche fantastica y muy española de verdad!

    Tengo celos y quiero volver a España!

    Me alegro oír que todo está bien contigo. Sigue asi!

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