I’m a boring person

I’m terribly boring.  I haven’t posted in a week.  And I have no new thoughts.

I must be in a lameness funk.

This weekend I went skiing with Yenni and Carlos Lopez.  The famous Carlos Lopez who took us to his mother’s private birthday party the first time we hung out with him and gave me purple gloves to give to his mother as a birthday present.

I was actually really scared to go skiing.  I had a pretty unpleasant time going skiing last year.  For one thing, I fell face forward into the snow and had to go through some physical therapy in order to move my neck freely.  I had also gone with people who were all much better skiers than I was and constantly talked about how easy all the blues were, how bored they had gotten on such-and-such a run, and constantly had to tack on an extra diamond with each descent.

However, I had a great time skiing yesterday with Yenni and Carlos.  Neither of them was in a rush to go down the mountain and come back up again.  Neither of them insisted on us trying a more challenging run the next time.  The day was about enjoying the beauty of the mountain and having fun instead of cramming as much skiing and difficulty as possible into the day.

Skiing was so much more fun when I wasn’t fearing for my life going down the mountain.

It is much easier to ski this way when you live close to a mountain and therefore don’t invest lots of money in the trip, accommodation, rentals, lift passes, and food.  Me gusta. Mucho.  I’ve got to buy me a ski house somewhere for just this reason.



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2 responses to “I’m a boring person

  1. Yenni

    me gusty. I’m really glad you weren’t fearing death @ formigal. 🙂

  2. I don’t think you should stress out about posting more than once a week! That’s a lot. And you are far from boring.

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