There’s so much to say.

This post will focus on all the complexities of facebook.

Some formal complaints:

  • Why do people ever get the idea that they can quote themselves under “favorite quotes?”  I mean, really?
  • Apps are stupid.  This argument is three-fold:
  1. They are a waste of time and as far as I can tell are pointless, unadvantageous, and lame.  Farmville?  Come on.
  2. Why do I get notifications, unintended wall posts, and requests from these stupid-ass apps that people buy into?
  3. Ever notice that these people are never your real friends but are mere facebook friends.  My friends are too smart to be interested in apps.
  • People, stop clicking “select all” when you’re inviting people to an event.  I CANNOT go to any Northwestern events.  Yes, I really want you to go through and click through the people you actually want to invite.
  • Why does EVERYTHING I do end up on my wall these days?  It’s too much work to keep checking my wall to see if I have any unwanted “recent activity” to remove.
  • Don’t write on my wall if I only met you once briefly and will never see you again.  I was nice enough to confirm your friendship.  Don’t push it.

And now some interesting dilemmas:

Ever thought about the fact that there is no end in sight for facebook?  I have now been on facebook since August of 2005…that’s approaching 5 years.  Am I going to have facebook when I’m 30?  When I’m 50?


Will my children be able to see pictures of me from age 17 onward?  Will my kids have facebook profiles starting as soon as they learn how to use a computer?  Will I be forced to put them on “limited profile?” Awkward.

If I look through my tagged pics, I can click back and forth between my first picture ever tagged and my most recent picture tagged (tagged approx. one hour ago).  Between these pictures, I have aged 5 years.  Who is that person in picture 727?  I’m so used to looking at her every now and then that she looks familiar.  But how am I related to her now?  What is different about the two of us and what isn’t?  When I see her a part of me doesn’t even think about it because of my familiarity with the picture, but there is a glimmer of recognition within me that the ways in which we look different are also manifest in our different points of view, interests, confidence, goals, and perspective. Is it healthy for me to have such easy access to hundreds of images of myself over the past 5 years?  Is it stalling my growth or just making me think too much about how much of it there has been?

Because of facebook I’m accustomed to seeing myself from 2005-2010.  How has seeing pictures and messages and albums affected my perspective of myself and my memories?  How many photographed events do I remember vividly only because I’ve scrolled through my pictures hundreds of times?  How many unphotographed events have gone forgotten about, rendered never to have existed by today’s technological world?

I am by no means a facebook hater, but I am the first generation to grow up with the internet and I think it will have some very interesting consequences that we haven’t felt yet.  One thing I do hope, though, is that people will still know how to have conversations with strangers (and non-strangers), that physical time with other people will be valued more than computer time, that people still feel compelled to be honest and genuine, and that people don’t go around fooling others about who they are because of how easy it is to manipulate your identity on the internet.


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  1. smg

    just read the first part of this post to my roommate bc it was hilarious! and yet so true…i agree w all 8 points, so ill move on from that. we definitely have not felt the consequences of the internet, but i think future generations that will not know what life is like without the internet or facebook will have an even harder time at realizing those consequences or maybe even social etiquette in general.

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