Yesterday I said goodbye to my sister as she boarded the train to Madrid.

It was really nice this past week to have my afternoons free to go to different cities with Talya instead of working at the Academia.  It was go go go all day.

It made me realize that despite how many hours I work, I effectively end up with too much free time.  How does this happen, you ask?  I’ll splain you.

This is my schedule for today for example:

8:45-9:35 1st period at the high school

9:45-10:00 blogging at home

10:00-11:55 at the Academia

11:55-2:50 at home

2:50-5:00 at an elementary school

5:00-5:50 at home

6:00-8:30 at the Academia

So you can see, that even though I am working 7 hours today, I have many stretches of time at home with which to occupy myself…and all this “free” time makes me feel boring, unmotivated, and mildly depressive.

So now my goal is to find some way to remedy this situation.

Hmmmm I’ll have to continue thinking about this one.  Any advice?


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