lame sauce (that’s me!)

Ok, still no solutions to the last post’s dilemma but I at least still agree with myself that my schedule is problematic.

Other things that are problematic:

Why don’t they make conditioner bottles bigger?  You always run out of conditioner faster than shampoo and yet they make the bottles the same size.  Either that or they make the shampoo bottle BIGGER.  Who decides these things? Bald men?

I am lonely.  Spain, will you please deport me?

Things that are wonderful:

My Morocco/Portugal trip is less than 2 weeks away!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am super fantastic incredibly excited!

After the trip I’ll only have 2 more months left in Spain!

I love Yenni…I guess I’ve been pretty lucky with roommates.

Maybe I’ll do some deep thinking for the next post.


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