perfection;the future

We spend so much time wishing that the world were perfect, that there was no global warming, or genocide, or child prostitution, or that we loved our jobs, or that that sandwich wasn’t so expensive.

But you know, we would be pretty damn bored in a perfect world.

If the world were perfect there would be nothing we could change about it, and then what would we spend our time trying to achieve?

So anytime I get really frustrated with how shitty things can be sometimes, I’ll take comfort in the fact that if they weren’t life would be a hell of a lot less satisfying.

Every now and then I have a moment where I realize that I’m not living in the present.  I’m usually thinking about the future and then whenever I look back on the past I realize that I didn’t really enjoy it because I was focused on what was coming next.  This stems from the fact that I like to have a plan, I like to know what will happen, and clearly I never will know what will happen so I might as well just think about it as much as possible and maybe I can will it to happen with all the thinking I’m doing.  Or maybe if I really have no control over the future, the most control I can have is to think about the future really really hard.  You can go crazy this way.

Especially when you are dissatisfied with the present.


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  1. Jess

    Giiiirrrl… I do the same thing! It’s interesting, though – as educated young adults, we’re raised to look to the future and to plan our lives. I think some people get caught up in that, and they spend their lives that way. But what do those people do when they near the end of their lives, and there’s not much left to plan? Oy vey! So, I guess life is a game of balance between planning and pleasure. An excess of either can become pretty harmful.

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