thank you

After my depressing last post, my birthday was actually a pleasant and heart-warming surprise.

On Thursday, I arrived to work very late and very frustrated with something personal that I had going on, and when I opened the door to the classroom at the Academia, my 12 year-old boys threw confetti up at me and yelled, “Happy Birthday!”  On the board they had written, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIELA!  THE BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD.”  And then Hugo gave me a hand-written free “truvel” pass to any city in the world.

Then on my birthday, Jenn surprised me with a chocolate cake at the school.  (I have been craving cake all year since they don’t have it here.) All the teachers sang to me in English and in Spanish and kissed me on the cheek and appreciated Jenn’s cake.  I thought none of them knew who I was, but it was nice to feel loved.

Later that day, I received a call from one of the places I’ve applied and they wanted to set up an interview.  One hour later, Jenn and I met up with her family in Salamanca, and she had them bring me Sour Patch Kids (something else I had been craving)!

I had a great time this weekend with them in Porto and Galicia!  Galicia was everything I expected it to be and was so lush, rolling, and colorful.  I loved it.

Thanks to everyone who remembered me on my birthday!  It really made it easier to be so far away from home and so alone.


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