a quick comment on…

…the international success of The Black Eyed Peas and Sponge Bob Square Pants.

When “I Gotta Feelin'” came out last summer, I really liked the song, but it seemed like just another popular song.

Then I came to Spain and this song was everywhere.  In the bars, the restaurants, the clubs, played on cell phones, sung in the halls, sung on class field trips.  I mean, the popularity of this song was incredible.  In the U.S. we’re very self-aware of something being addicting and catchy but not actually consisting of too much talent, but here there is no such thing as shame of the mainstream.  And this song was a hit.

Even more unexpected was the popularity of Sponge Bob.  Kids of all ages love it, even the high schoolers!  In case you thought he was left out during field trip sing-alongs, fret no more!  Plenty of “Vive en una piña debajo del mar…¡BOB ESPONJA!” can be heard echoing along the aisle of the bus.  A product of the Nickelodeon generation preceding Sponge Bob, I never understood the fascination.  But it seems like both The Black Eyed Peas and Nick know how to make an international brand.


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  1. phillip

    spongebob is hands down, the best thing on nikelodeon. and has been since the days of snick!

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