there must be something wrong with her, right? Or…is it me?

In the species Homo sapiens, there exists a certain sub-section of individuals possessing a mysterious power.

Aside from this power, these individuals have nothing in common. They are not more attractive, nor more intelligent, nor more confident, nor more self-conscious, nor more pretentious than the general population.

Both males and females belong to this sub-section, but it is the females who truly astound me, as I am a female myself and yet I do not possess such enigmatic powers.

I’m talking about the girls who always have a boyfriend. The girls who break up with their boyfriends and begin new relationships the next month. Needy?  Sometimes. Confident? Sometimes. Cool? Sometimes. Pretty? Sometimes.

I’m talking about the girls who are so clingy, overbearing, and irrational but somehow don’t get dumped in 15 seconds.

I’m talking about the girls who are so boring, homebody-ish, and fickle but somehow always do the breaking up themselves.

I’m talking about the girls who are non-committal by nature, flirtatious, and play all sorts of games but somehow attract the guys ten-fold.

As evidence, I can name several girls who fit each of these profiles.  And I’m sure you could, too!

These are the people that make you wonder what kind of a world we live in where it is these girls who are never for want of a man.

Where’s the justice in the world?  Why must I ask so often, “He likes her but not me?!” and “What the hell could I have done differently to have played this stupid-ass love game right?” and “I’m definitely prettier than her, right?”

What is this power, and how do I get me some of it??


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