late-night cravings

when I get home, I will eat/drink:

  • a margarita
  • a smoothie
  • Indian food
  • Chinese food
  • Red Mango/Pinkberry
  • hummus
  • a hamburger
  • Tropicana orange juice
  • beef fajitas
  • pumpkin ANYTHING
  • ice cream with TOPPINGS
  • cheddar cheese


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2 responses to “late-night cravings

  1. sara

    hummus is something you crave in america? really?

    and second the indian food…its usually one of my first stops when i get back home 🙂 which is ironic considering how much time israelis spend in india these days!

  2. Sarah Noel

    I have a list of places to eat when I get to take a trip back to Texas. I totally know where you’re coming from on this.

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