Gran Canaria

Two weekends ago, I went to Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) with my friend Kevin who I worked with last summer.

This was the strangest place I have ever been. The island was so tiny, yet it probably contained about 50+ mountains.  The whole thing was small mountains, one right after the other.  Another strange part of the island was that it was arid on the perimeter and lush on the inside.  And the dry parts were this rich, rich, brown soil. I’ve never seen a place that is just so brown.  There were cacti and a few trees, but for the most part it was just a brown wilderness.

According to our couchsurfing host, Pino, Gran Canaria has over 100 microclimates–and the weather changes in minutes depending on where you go.  The north is cloudy and can get chilly, the south is always sunny and hot, and in a certain valley on the interior, it’s cold and rainy!  I mean, this island is only 31 miles across and it fits all this stuff into it!

Look up the island on the ‘satellite’ setting on Google Maps and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

I felt like I wasn’t on Earth.  The strange climate and the fact that I was on a distant island made me feel like I wasn’t really living my life.  That I was there, but that my life wasn’t my own–or that I wasn’t controlling it.

A very strange weekend.  If you click on the pictures below, you can see them bigger.


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