more catching up

Ok, people, only 11 days left in Miranda and I’ll tell you right now, not a single one of them is going to be bad.

I declare.  I’m going to leave Spain loving it.

Last weekend I went to San Sebastian with Yenni and her friend Amanda, who was visiting.  Shara also came up from Barcelona with her friend Rebecca and overall it was a fantastic weekend.

One of the greatest things about San Seb is that even though it is inundated with foreigners, you’re always surrounded by Spaniards wherever you go, so you never feel like you’re being “touristy” by being there.

I finally found some good-looking guys, too (Spanish and non-Spanish)! It’s about time!**

So far I’ve been keeping up the cheery spirit, but starting work again is always a downer. I wake up after a great weekend and think, “Not this again.”

This experience has shown me that I need to enjoy my job. It doesn’t have to define me, but I need to come home with some degree of pleasure.  It is absolutely impossible for me to wake up EARLY every day to a job that doesn’t do it for me.  It brings the rest of me down. I just end up going through the motions, neither happy nor sad nor angry. And I need more than that to satisfy me.

**I’ve blogged about this before, but to review (or to “revise” as they say in England): I have found the whole stereotype of Spanish guys being hot/sexy/players to be completely untrue.  Not only are they not any better looking than the average American, they are definitely all about the relationship. The concept of not wanting to be “tied down” is non-existent here.


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