At the grocery store today, I found myself subconsciously disgusted by the normal shopping carts.  They’re just so big!  I opted for the handheld basket.  I was only buying a few things.

How European I am now.

Another few things…we’ve got some fatties over here.  No shocker there, but in the past 9 months I’ve seen a total of 5 obese people and seeing them again is kinda sad.

And American “fashion” is all about comfort.  In Houston it’s hard to wear nice clothes when you’re just going to sweat in them when you go outside.  On my international flight, the Americans were wearing sweatpants and flip-flops, and let them eat cake!, it is 11 hours of sitting in an uncomfortable chair!  But Europeans just would not do that.   They care too much.

I gotta say though, that I too want to dress well.  Now that I have lived one year with a salary and have been able to afford new clothes on a regular basis, I am going to make a complete effort to never look schlompy.  Unless I am headed to the gym, I am never going to wear a T-shirt.  Can’t wait to have another salary so that I can start shopping again!  My summer wardrobe is lacking.One big surprise on my return is that people really do have Southern accents!  I never noticed it before cause my friends and family don’t, but there certainly are a good number of people that have a slight twang.  There are several different accents people have, but one of the most common is just over-pronouncing words.  The way a British person sounds when he’s trying to do an American accent.  It’s kinda funny cause my whole life I’ve been annoyed when people are surprised that I don’t have an accent…but people really do have them here!  The thing is, I think those people tend to NOT be from the city centers, and I live in a city center…and all along I’ve been choosing to ignore (or haven’t heard) that other people had accents cause I didn’t want it to be true.

On a happy note, I’m back in the land of well-behaved children.  They’re not running all over the place, getting in your way, and making a lot of noise.  I went to the Houston Dynamo game with my brother’s family, and there were 3 boys who were standing up in front of us, blocking the view.  Nathan asked them to sit down, and they did!  I guess they respect authority.  Nice.

In addition to all this, I’ve had some brief encounters with the “young adults” of Houston.  What a different Houston it is to live here as an adult than to grow up here!  I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do and that I’m a stranger in my hometown. Instead of doing things at home, I should be out discovering new places and events!

Well, that’s my life now that I’m at home.  I’m on the precipice of going deep into the job-search.  Hope I make it out ok!


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