Is it just common knowledge these days that reality TV isn’t even supposed to try to be real?

Crazy crazy crazy!

On the series finale of The Hills, the closing shot reveals that what we’ve just seen has actually been recorded on a soundstage at Paramount Studios.  The Hollywood sign backdrop gets pulled away behind Brody, the camera zooms out to a helicopter shot of Kristin (whom we had thought was heading to the airport) getting out of the car and hugging Brody as the crew wraps up the shoot.

I was shocked.  I was shocked that they ended the entire series on that note without any kind of explanation as to what it meant.  Clearly that last scene had been inauthentic, but what does that say about the rest of the show?

On the after-show, Kristin and Brody claimed that that last shot was supposed to leave the viewers wondering what had been real and what had been fake.

I used to watch the show avidly, and I can tell you that, without a doubt, some things on that show are real.  Lo is dating Scott.  Lauren did study at FIDM.  Heidi did marry Spencer.  So why the hell did the producers decide to end the series this way when it is clearly real enough to keep up the charade?

I have no answer for that, but it clearly draws attention to the not-so-secret fact that “reality tv” is a misnomer.

The strange thing was, until tonight, I had been under the impression that even though we all know that reality tv can be scripted or staged, we enjoy it more when we suppress that knowledge.

Having MTV tell me that The Hills was fake instead of letting me presume it makes me feel cheated!  Why have they been lying to me all this time only to fess up to it now?

The worst part is that I have no clue where the reality ended.  If it was all or nothing, that would be fine.  But I know that that show is not ALL fake.

Sounds to me like the cast and crew had way too much fun.  That ending was made for them and not for the audience.  It’s their last hurrah as they all must find something new to do with their lives.  And I have been BETRAYED, goddammit, BETRAYED!


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