Vietnam knows what’s up

Everyone knows that if you want to get the most bang for your buck, you’ve got to get your nails done by Vietnamese people.

The only catch is that they’re constantly talking to one another and you can only wonder what they are inevitably saying about you (and/or how gross your hairy toes are).

The good news is, they also offer the cheapest waxes.

Back in the day, I dreaded getting bikini waxes.  But then I lived in Spain for 9 months where the waxes I received where sublime.

Since then, I’ve had the hope that one day, I can find that sublime wax here in America.

Well, I did just that today.

I went to my neighborhood Viets and took a chance.  And boy was I blown out of the water.

First of all, the bed was way more comfortable than my bed at home.  This thing had memory foam…or something.

As I laid down, Minh surprised me by turning on the vibrating feature on this bed, claiming that the vibration would distract me from the pain of the wax.  Good thinking, Minh.

And then, would you know what Minh did? Instead of ripping off the wax with a linen strip, she pulled off the wax itself after it cooled, just like the Spanish.

And my heart was won.

For $25, it doesn’t get much cheaper than that (even if it was 8€ in Spain), and why on earth would I pay $60 or more for the same thing from an Eastern European lady?


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