Victoria’s Secret

I’ve finally unearthed Victoria’s secret.

One would think that the leading lingerie retailer would have bras of all sizes, but that is not the case.

I’m not talking about the 42-double-J’s.  I’m talking about the bra sizes of those of us whose breasts grew no more after 8th grade.

Many a time have I gone into Victoria’s Secret looking for a specific type of hard-to-find bra, only to discover that it doesn’t come in an A.

What kind of bra store doesn’t make A bras?

Frankly, it’s hard to not take it personally.  I’m surrounded by all types of smear campaigns against skinny girls like “Real Women Have Curves” and whatever cockeyed ads Dove’s got going on.

My breasts may be small, but they are mighty, and since they don’t really need to be supported, they at least need to look good in clothes.

You can therefore understand my frustration when even Victoria’s Secret ignores me as a consumer. It’s as efeminating as only selling thongs in the men’s underwear section is emasculating.

And then I discovered her secret.

Victoria has a line directed at younger consumers. It’s called PINK. And PINK makes bras for the girls who are in 8th grade….which, according to my bra, I still am.

PS: My long sought-after bra is a captivating neon yellow, meant to pop under going-out tops. I’m pretty sure I first got this idea from watching Roxy on The City.


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  1. Lia

    I have the same problem at Victoria’s Secret!!! They used to make the perfect bra for me but then discontinued it! GRRRR.

    BTW hi!!! Hope you’re doing well!


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