texting and smartphone MANIA

OH MY GOD, can you quit with the texting??!

When I got back from Spain, people were texting me more than ever.*  And not only texting me more often, but texting longer messages, and often texting several short messages one after the other, and texting what they would have phoned me for a year ago.

Not only this, but somehow in the past year it became the rule and not the exception to have a smartphone.

And I hate it.

Texting has a place. You’re in a movie. You’re in a meeting. Someone wants an address. You want someone to know you’re thinking of him/her. You don’t really want to talk but instead want to tell someone something specific. Ok, I get it.

But don’t try to make new plans with me through a text and don’t cancel on  me through a text.  Why can’t you just pick up your phone and call me? Why are we developing a fear of verbal communication? People feel as though it’s too forward to talk to someone! It’s absolutely nuts. Grow some balls.

And about smartphones: No, I don’t freakin’ have a smartphone.  When you text me that address, I can’t map it, ok? I go to my computer and I look it up. And if you send me an email, no, I won’t be aware that you’ve sent it to me unless I’m at my computer. That’s right. My phone makes phone calls.

I completely blame smartphones for the texting, too. All these phones with keyboards make it easier to text–and if your phone does the same stuff as your computer, then why not just text someone like you would email someone?

DRIVES ME CRAZY. I’ve considered abolishing all texting from my life, but I don’t think I can. It IS useful, but people really gotta keep it under control.

*This didn’t happen in Spain because for one, I had few friends, and for another, you pay-as-you-go there, so people keep all cell phone use to a minimum.


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  1. Sean

    I think this may be a cultural thing or a function of different pricing norms – Americans don’t seem to text as much as Australians, that’s for sure. Down here it’s basically universal and probably has been for nearly a decade.

    I would think it odd that someone would take exception to routine planning or cancelling via a quick efficient discreet text message!

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