Holy Cow 2, and then a gag reel

I tried to add this on at the end of my last post, but I don’t think I emphasized it enough: A person can get carried away by any belief–religious or not.  And we have to find a balance between believing in something and understanding that we could be wrong.

It’s unproductive to go about life refraining from believing in things–you have to draw lines somewhere.  Plus, if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be any fun.

So that’s why I put at the end that you can believe whatever you want, you just can’t lose sight of your own subjectivity. And I am fully aware that I am not the best at this sometimes.

And now for some minorly comical random thoughts:

Sometimes I think girls who get boob jobs do it NOT because they feel bad about their-small-breast-selves but instead because they yearn for the day that they can expose their ENTIRE bosom down to the nipple.  Just because it is more silicone than breast tissue doesn’t mean that the normal rules of dressing appropriately don’t apply to your FAKE chest!

Have you ever noticed that 90 out of 100 times French movies begin with narration?! These people love the sound of their language so much that they can’t make a movie without it.  Either that or the French have a stubborn tradition of first person/omniscient narration.


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