high pressure system moving in

The past few weeks, it finally got cold in Houston–it was in the 50s and 60s. Unfortunately, this week the temperature creeped its way back up to 80, but hopefully that won’ t last long.

For a few short weeks I got to feel that joy I get every year when the weather turns cold.

I smell the heating system in my house; I wake up sheltered from the cold.  I want to curl up in front of a fire and laugh and drink wine and watch a movie.  I like getting to wear my sweaters and breathing in cold air.

I like the restriction that comes with winter–confined inside, confined by your clothes.  I like wanting to be around friends and family.  Winter is the season of community.

By the time the weather gets warm again, you’re ready for it. Summer is the season of freedom.*

Light fabrics, less of them, sun and warmth and exploration.  It’s about being by yourself and running free.


I have felt this way every since I can remember.  The weather is the yin and yang inside me and it enables me to act on my opposing forces at different times in the year.  And that’s why I love when a change happens! It’s a shift in the way I’ve been living for the months leading up to the change.

A lot of things happen in cycles, but the weather is the fairest of them all.


*I could say something falsely philosophical about this being why our Independence Day is in the summer, but that would require a comprehensive study into when independence days occur worldwide. If a pattern could be found, that would really validate my argument here.


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