30 hour days, porfi

I have been having a lot of trouble lately balancing my time.

I just feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

I want to give my job all the hours it takes, I want to have a social life, I want to have a cultured life, and I want to have personal downtime.

At the end of every week, I always feel like I’m catching up from what I haven’t gotten to earlier in the week. There’s an art exhibit that I still haven’t managed to get to, there’s work I keep putting off till the next day, that Netflix DVD has been sitting on my floor for 3 weeks now, and I keep forgetting to call my friend I haven’t seen in forever.

In addition, there are many things that I’ve told myself that I want to start doing, like take a dance class, learn to play the drums, and write a screenplay, that have permanently stayed stuck on my to-do list. Drawing from my previous post about having the best mood when I’ve been the most productive, you can see that all of these shortcomings generally attribute to much anxiety for me. Here are the steps I plan to take to correct this problem:

  • My friend Josh wanted the two of us to start our own band (for home entertainment only, as far as I’m concerned) and he’s given me a deadline of learning the drums by the end of February.
  • As much as I am thrilled by my jam-packed social calendar, I need to fill it less so that I can have more time for work and downtime.
  • Sometime between now and April, I will take a dance class.
  • Yes, about this screenplay….the story behind this was that I realized that I haven’t been intellectually challenged since high school. Emotionally, yes, but not intellectually. So, inspired by that NY Times article I wrote about, I decided to write a screenplay about it. Well, I got as far as doing some character and scene outlines, and then I stopped. Yes. This is why I blog. It’s short. You write when you’re inspired. My inspirations don’t span months. This is why I decided to write a screenplay. For the challenge. But I think I’ve got to rethink this one. An idea that just occurred to me as I’m writing right now, is maybe I should just write scenes. Just write one scene at a time. Maybe the characters will be the same from scene to scene, maybe they won’t.  But I can just envision little scenarios and write about them. Okay. Check!

Dear readers, write me pushy, prying comments about how I probably am falling short on the commitments outlined above. A little external pressure couldn’t hurt.



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3 responses to “30 hour days, porfi

  1. Hannah

    Okay push you to learn the drums and write the screenplay — you push me to finally sign up and take the GRE and get my butt moving on grad school..what’s my problem? I used to be motivated…

  2. barbie

    take your right hand and hit the desk 1, 2, 3, 4. tap your right foot on 1 and 3. hit your desk with your left hand on 2 and 4. keep practicing. now you’re a drummer. hope you’re well!

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