friend requests

Am I the only one who has been bombarded by unwanted Facebook friendship requests lately?

I keep getting friended by people I don’t know. Some of the time we have mutual friends, but most of the time, we don’t!

I really don’t like having fake friends on Facebook; it’s already fake enough. If you’re friending me cause you like my blog, or we met at a party and I don’t remember, just add that in a little note, and I will be happy to accept!  But, why would you want to be Facebook friends if we’ve never met?!

The other day I was thinking back to when I first got on Facebook. It was totally different then. It was only for people with a .edu email address (not even sure if all colleges were allowed at that point), therefore creating a greater sense of intimacy and security. Everyone on Facebook was just like you! You did friend people you didn’t know because you were all incoming freshmen and you didn’t know anyone on Facebook.* You wanted all the other 09’s to see that you were popular and, simultaneously, you wanted to open the doors to making actual friends once you all got to campus.

People used Facebook kind of like a dating website for friends. A friending site.

Apparently, some people still use Facebook for that purpose, and to a certain extent, I do, too–I use Facebook as a tool for furthering developing friendships…but that’s the key difference! I use it on people I’ve actually met in person. And I have no appreciation for Harold Cuba Tocas, who has 66 friends, is male, is interested in women, and whose favorite quote is “la playitaaaa” (as that is EVERYTHING I know about Harold Cuba Tocas) requesting to be my friend!

*besides your high school classmates who were also now starting college


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  1. smg

    i HATE it when guys (esp ones in another country) use Facebook as a dating website. It is not a dating website! I don’t know you! Go sign up for! And since all of my info is hidden, do you really think I want to confirm you as a friend??

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