back from the dead

Wow. This is the longest I’ve ever gone without blogging. My sincerest apologies. The good news is I haven’t blogged because I have just been so busy with an uber-active social life.

I just came back from a 3 day trip to N’awlins with my friends Hannah and Arfa, and I always gain perspective on trips, no matter how small the trip is. My new perspective is that I should spend less time socializing, and spend more time alone.

Remember all those goals I set for myself? Yep, haven’t started a single one. I would say that on 5-6 days of the week I attend at least 1 social occasion. This obviously detracts from my ability to develop my personal interests of dance lessons, drum-playing, and now, my new interest: yoga. (I’ve abandoned the script-writing. Who was I kidding?)

A few people have remarked recently how frequently I crack my neck…and my back…and my fingers. What can I say? They hurt and the crack relieves the pain. But today someone suggested I use yoga to ease the joints, and that sounded like a great idea!

Considering my poor, poor performance in gym attendance since January, committing myself to 2-3 workouts/week in addition to 1 yoga class/week will be a difficult but prudent aspiration. It really can only be achieved through not filling my schedule with drinks and other like-minded social rendezvous.

I thus re-set February’s goals…here’s to hoping I do a better job this time.

Moving onto a more interesting topic…

I was flipping through my little orange notebook that I carried with me in Spain last year and came across my list of “things I want in a husband.”

It’s ridiculously long.

No doubt that almost everything on the original list is actually pretty important (including “smart,” “honest,” “funny,” “not arrogant,” “likes to travel,” etc.), but there are a few things on there that I wouldn’t say are absolute prerequisites now. There’s a little more wiggle room.

I’m also not in a place now where I would even start a list. I think I wrote it during a time of weakness, fearing that I was letting myself compromise on what I really wanted–which, in hindsight, I was. But it wasn’t because of an attribute missing on my list. “Respects me,” surprisingly, wasn’t on my list, probably because I was in denial of what was going on, and because it sounds trite.

Anyway, beginning July 2010, I entered a period of life I’ll call pre-marriage experimentation AKA semi-serious dating. I somehow have the luck of having almost no friends who are in relationships, and ALL we talk about is dating (in case you couldn’t tell). A good number of my friends date online, too, which means they date even more people than the average person. Much has been learned in the past several months regarding appropriate rejection scripts, date courtesy including when to fake suggesting paying and when to actually mean it (no consensus on this), and what is the appropriate type of date for the time of day.

I will begin logging these dating discoveries on my blog, mostly for the benefit of those who are in serious relationships/marriages and want to keep up with the times, live vicariously, or pity us singles.

I will say this, though: it’s a lot of fun being single. In the words of one friend of mine, “You never know who you don’t know.” That’s exciting! Simultaneously, I think so many options are confusing. With modern technology, I can keep in touch with anyone–exes, people in different cities, old friends/acquaintances. All these people could serve as distractions from developing new relationships that are actually feasible…but what’s a girl to do in the meantime?


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  1. Hannah

    woohoo! you’re back 🙂

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