Solace in Being Right

Everyone is going to adopt a worldview and lifestyle that fits with his/her experience of the way the world works. Such an experience is shaped by many things, including the individual’s genetic code. 

Presumably for the sake of functionality, we’ve created several systems that dictate the truth of the world, and it can be very threatening when someone subscribes to a system that contradicts one’s own. Suddenly one is forced to question the entire fabric and structure that supports every decision and thought one makes. 

I judge people all the time. I like judging people because it makes me feel right. It’s much easier for me to think someone else is wrong than for me to not know what’s right.

I’m stuck in the precarious position of taking pleasure in validating myself, in knowing that I need to validate myself in order to function, and knowing that the other person has just as much of a right as I do to see things the way s/he sees them. 

It’s a really hard balance for me. Sometimes someone says or does something and it really, deeply bothers me. I get more impassioned than most. I need to learn to just accept that I am right. I don’t need someone else to agree with me; I need for it to be enough that I believe in it. 

And when I am treated adversely because my view threatens someone, I need to not care. It’s that person’s problem that I threaten him/her, just like it’s my problem when someone threatens me. 

We’re bombarded by messages that judging others is wrong. I disagree with that. I don’t think I could ever not judge others; to try not to would be to deny a natural and essential part of myself and I don’t believe in living a false existence. The best way for me to handle it is to judge and not care that I’m judged for judging. I know I’m right, but it’s really hard to believe it in the face of criticism. 


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