Millennial Crisis

Guys, I got it. The meaning of life: God hates me. It explains everything.

In the past few months, each of the three most recent guys I dated have gotten into relationships.

Today, the first guy I really liked in a year can’t continue seeing me because he doesn’t have the time in his busy career.



Exasperation aside, I believe that career vs. love is the crisis of my generation. So many relationships fizzle because someone has to move or someone has to hustle for a living 24/7.

Furthermore, we’re all tempted into unstable long distance relationships because Facebook turns a weekend vacation fling into something that feels tenable enough to fight for.

I’m the last person to suggest that anyone defer his/her self-actualization, but it can definitely come at a cost.

I turn 25 next week, and I know that that sounds young to people and that (hopefully) I have my whole life ahead of me, but when you think about it, most people get married or meet their spouses by now if not by age 30. It’s not premature to take my romantic life seriously, and I wish it were easier for us all to prioritize love as much as our careers.


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